This Solar-Powered Water Pump Has No Moving Parts

This water pump is powered by the sun and has no moving parts. An invention of Cody from Cody'sLabs, the pump is made form common household materials.
Jessica Miley

This water pump has no moving parts and only uses the sun for energy. It was invented by YouTuber Cody from Cody’s Lab and relies on the theory that water expands by 9% when heated. By wrapping more than 60 metres of plastic tubing around a plank of wood, then placing one side in the shade and the other side in the heat of the sun, the YouTuber was able to move several centimetres of water from one vessel to another. While it might not be the most efficient way to move water it is awesome to see an idea come to life using just the most basic of materials. While the design has a few problems, something similar could be used in applications for camping or in areas experiencing power outages. Cody said he intended to use the pump to move water around his ‘aquatic environments’.

Cody from Cody'sLab makes videos on a really wide range of topics from his mining hobbies to how to use coins as lenses. He is a very endearing host managing to blend a vlogger aesthetic with backyard science explanations. Some of the best videos include Cody’s adventures in gardening. He has a prolific garden, growing everything from tomatoes to sugar beets. His passion for growing is only matched by his passion for pickling and canning. We definitely recommend joining his million-plus subscribers to stay up to date with his activities.

Via: Cody's Lab

This Solar-Powered Water Pump Has No Moving Parts

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