This Space Themed Hostel Will Make You Feel Like You're on a Space Mission

This hostel in Singapore offers accommodation inside space themed pods that will make every space nerd smile.
Jessica Miley

Fancy a trip to space but don’t have the cash or patience for Elon Musk to get Space X taking passengers? Well then just head over to Singapore and check in to the Met A Space Pod hostel. Founded in 2015 the hostel aims to provide a unique space-themed accommodation option for curious travelers. Inside the hostel, you’ll find ‘pods’ or rooms that look like they might be from the International Space Station. Everything is white and techy with lots of little details that will make every space nerd smile. The hostel prides itself not only on its unique design but on its uncompromising customer service. They have tried to think of every amenity a weary space traveler might need. Each pod is equipped with a color tv, air ventilation/conditioning, vanity mirror with lights, personalized safebox, mobile charging station and even a mini fire extinguisher. The pods are now in two locations in Singapore, in Little India and at Boat Quay. At only 40 USD per night, the hostel offers you an experience you won’t forget.

The idea of capsule hotels or hostels started in Japan as a way to provide cheap overnight accommodation to businessmen. The tiny rooms provided safety and privacy at a much cheaper rate than a regular hotel room. The idea is now taking off in other parts of the world as a way for backpackers and budget conscious travelers to have interesting private accommodation options without the big price tag. Usually and in the case of the Met A Space Pod Hostel, pods are stacked on top of each other with just enough room inside to sleep in. While this accommodation option isn’t for the claustrophobic is a must-do for any space or sci-fi fan.