This Spice Pen Lets You Write and Draw on Your Food and Drinks

This unusual kitchen device lets you write with powdered food. Simply fill the pen with your spice of choice and start decorating.
Jessica Miley

If you love latte art but don’t have time to train as a barista, then check out this cool gadget that lets you decorate drinks easily in seconds. The CinniBird is a kitchen implement that allows you to decorate hot drinks with cocoa or cinnamon. Or if you are feeling really artsy, you can fill it with Hungarian paprika or ground parsley and add a unique decoration to any plate of food. It’s a fun kitchen gadget to personalize your favorite dishes. It is really easy to use: simply open the CinniBird and fill it will your favorite powdered food, close up and use it exactly like a pen. Its clever design means the decorative substance comes out evenly so that you can only be stopped by your imagination. 

The gadget is very easy to use. It is also perfect for kids to decorate their own plates and drinks introducing them to the joys of creativity in the kitchen. There is no tool like the CinniBird on the market. While other decorative tools use a stencil, the CinniBird has no limits in what you can do with it. If you can draw it with a pen then you can draw it with the CinniBird. The useful kitchen device comes in a range of colors and makes a great gift for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their cooking. You can buy the CinniBird now on their website for $25 USD.