This Spiral Staircase is Made Entirely from Plywood Using a CNC Machine and a Whole Lot of Patience

Ben Uyeda has designed a beautiful spiral staircase created entirely from plywood cut with a CNC machine.
Jessica Miley

This amazing spiral staircase was created with a CNC machine and a whole lot of hand labor. Cleverly designed from just 13 sheets of plywood, the staircase is created from a template that repeats over and over. 

The keyhole type shapes were cut from the sheets and then stacked into place. Each step took two hours to hand assemble into place. 

Between each layer of plywood, there is a layer of glue, with additional glue where the wood meets the steel pole. The stories were additionally drilled together from both the top and the bottom. 

The staircase creates a stunning architectural feature in the building, it's a highly functional and sculptural object that allows people to access the building's roof deck.

It’s amazing to think that the staircase is created almost from a single material. The staircase's designer and maker is Ben Uyeda, he runs the YouTube channel HomeMadeModern.

In the video, he describes how he loves that the project combines both new technologies like CNC machines with traditional craftsmanship and patience. Each of Uyeda's videos shows off a complete project that will transform your home. 

They range from complex beats like the spiral staircase to more simple projects like how to make a leather cover or a foam roller. Uyeda is a generous host that explains how to build his projects without making anything too complex.