Duayen Spray-On Paint Can Make Almost Anything Indestructible

This incredible spray-on paint by Duayen adds strength to any material it is applied to.
Jessica Miley

Do you see science playing a role in your daily life? Most of us don’t know why we had to go through those hours of classes and tests during school. But if your teachers didn’t help you discover the fun—and awe-inspiring—side of science, you’re missing out.

Here’s what I love: Science transforms boring things into gripping activities and hard chores into easy errands.

Painting can seem like a pretty daunting task. Think of the preparation, the mess, and the cleanup. Spray painting sounds like better. And with this spray paint product from Duayen, the once mundane task now looks like fun and you’ll look for more reasons to use it.

Who doesn’t want to play around with paint that makes things indestructible? If you think it shouldn’t be all about fun, this product has many practical applications.

Duayen invented a spray-on paint that not only looks good but adds additional strength to whatever material it is applied to. Instead of using brushes or rollers, the paint is applied with pressure through a fine nozzle. The use of the spray gun means the paint is applied in consistent and even coats. So if you do use this for business reasons you’re already adding quality workmanship to your portfolio.

But what will you use it for? The options are endless.

Once the paint is dry, it resists impact and bending damage. This paint can’t break!

The new paint layer is so resistant to damage that even if the material it’s applied to deteriorates the paint will stay standing. In this video, you’ll see how bricks shatter when heavy force is applied while the red paint is unwavering and stays in place.

So there you have a solution for strengthening buildings or upgrading security measures. If the window can’t break you’ll keep intruders out.

But for those of you that want a party trick, there are options too.

As in all good demonstration videos that we have seen recently, the team from Duayen manages to get a watermelon into this clip. Watch as the watermelon is covered with the coating before one determined fellow attacks it with a sledgehammer. And the watermelon survives!

This is unthinkable. But the video proves it’s true.

And immediately my mind starts racing. Everywhere I look Duayen spray will minimize maintenance costs and be beneficial to society.

This paint could be a huge advantage for high traffic public spaces where the daily friction of people walking causes paints to wear down very quickly. Imagine how much your government will save when no surface has to be painted twice.

And its strength doesn’t make it inflexible. The uses are endless!

The product is made by the Turkish company Duayen. The innovative company invests heavily in research and development & creates a range of products for the construction industry.

The Duayen paint is available in more than 10 grades so you’ll find one that aligns with your requirements, whether it’s for business or fun. Ready to start painting now?

Via Duayen

Duayen Spray-On Paint Can Make Almost Anything Indestructible 

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