This Spray-On Paint Can Make Almost Anything Indestructible

This incredible spray-on paint by Duayen adds strength to any material it is applied to.


Painting can seem like a pretty daunting task. The preparation, the mess, the cleanup.  But with this spray paint product from Duayen, the once mundane task now looks like fun.  

Duayen has invented a spray-on paint that not only looks good but also adds additional strength to whatever material it is applied to. Instead of using brushes or rollers, the pain is applied with pressure through a fine nozzle. The use of the spray gun means the paint is applied in consistent and even coats. Once the paint is dry, it resists impact and bending damage. The new paint layer is so resistant to damage and wear that even if the material it is applied to deteriorate the paint will stay standing.

As in all good demonstration videos that we have seen recently, the team from Duayen manage to get a watermelon into this video. Watch as the watermelon is covering it the coating before one determined fellow attacks it with a sledgehammer. And the watermelon survives!

This paint could be a huge advantage for high traffic public spaces where the daily contact of people causes paint to wear down very quickly. The paint is available in over ten grades.

The product is made by the Turkish company Duayen. The innovative company invests heavily in research and development and creates a range of products for the construction industry.

Via Duayen

This Spray-On Paint Can Make Almost Anything Indestructible 

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