This Stone-Like Handheld Device Can Help Prevent Panic Attacks

The Calming Stone is a handheld device that helps you prevent panic attacks by providing visual an aural prompts to calm you down.
Jessica Miley

Anxiety is a common feeling ranging from a debilitating illness for some to a temporary, yet still agonizing feeling for others. This gadget is designed to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and prevent panic attacks. Invented by New Zealand anxiety sufferer Ramon Telfer, the handheld device can be used by people of any age to help alleviate symptoms of stress. Telfer designed the gadget based on a treatment he uses to control his own anxiety in combination with advice from psychologists. "Other than medication, there is not a product specifically designed to help improve mental health," Telfer told media. "After years of struggling with my own anxiety problems, I developed multiple techniques to provide relief during anxiety episodes or panic attacks. I decided to design a device that combines these techniques to deliver instant panic relief anywhere, anytime."

The object has a copper band running through it that picks up your heartbeat. Lights mimic the beat to help you visualize yourself calming down. Headphones supplied with the stone provide meditative aural sounds. Treating early signs of anxiety can help prevent panic attacks. "I discovered that breathing is one of the most important aspects of controlling emotion, whether it be anxiety, anger, or sadness," Telfer explained. "By controlling your breathing and focusing on fresh, cool air many people have found that they can relieve stress. However, the depth of anxiety lies within the psyche. Anxiety can lead to irrational thinking and it is important to control these thoughts through guided meditation."