This "Super Shelter" Can Take Your Camping Game to the Next Level

YouTube host Survival Lilly constructs an impressive bug out shelter using incredibly simple techniques and tools.
Shelby Rogers

Unless they're relatively decent campers, most people can barely build a tent in the woods. However, YouTube host Survival Lilly puts even the most seasoned camping enthusiast to shame in this viral video. She constructed an impressive bug out shelter with a handful of tarps, trees, rope, a bone saw, and a very strong pocket knife. The result looks luxurious in comparison with most other people's attempts at building the average campsite. 

Lilly completes her super shelter video series by showing viewers how you can reconfigure the sides of the shelter with a few more trees and a handful of tarps. In the sequel, she simply expands the space to fit two people and the video happened months after the original video went live. 

"I am an avid bushcrafter, survivalist and hunter from Austria and I like to share my experiences with like-minded people. I have a YouTube channel named "Survival Lilly“ where I post survival videos about wilderness survival (both primitive and modern) modern survival, prepping and urban survival," Lilly said. "I am a full-time YouTuber where I provide free knowledge for those who are interested in survival related topics."

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And while this particular video doesn't promise any primitive hacks, it does feature some incredibly simple techniques and tools to build up a massive shelter. 

This "Super Shelter" Can Take Your Camping Game to the Next Level

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