This Super-Slo-Mo Video of Insects Flying Will Leave You in Awe

The video features insects that have never been captured in slow motion before.

NC State Assistant Professor Dr. Adrian Smith has a YouTube channel called Ant Lab that is pretty much dedicated to insects but perhaps his most impressive video is his latest. Smith decided to film in super slow motion the flight of many insects.

He purposely chose for his subjects insects that are not too common and whose flights have probably never been recorded before. This means he skipped over bees and flies and went for rarer insects such as the plume moth, the firefly, the painted lichen moth, the leafroller moth, the rosy maple moth, the common stonefly, the fishfly, the aphid, the scorpionfly, and the lacewing.

The end result is an educational video that will leave you speechless with its sheer beauty. Perhaps the most awe-inspiring insect filmed is the rosy maple moth that, according to Smith, looks like “a flying muppet.” 

“It doesn’t jump or roll its wingtips up like the others, but honestly, who really cares,” said Smith. “Just look at it! It’s clearly the best moth. It looks like a flying muppet. Like after it flies off-screen here, it’s probably going to go back to living its life on Fraggle Rock.”

We could describe the rest of this wondrous video in great detail but we will let you watch it instead so you can enjoy its unique beauty first hand.

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