This Surfer Was Awarded the Guinness World Record for the Biggest Wave Ever Surfed

Rodrigo Koxa successfully surfed a 24m high wave in Portugal last year to claim the title.
Jessica Miley

The Guinness World Book of Record for the biggest wave surfed has been set by 38-year old Rodrigo Koxa in Nazaré, Portugal. Koxa surfed the 24-meter high wave at the end of last year, but the record was officially announced last Saturday.

The previous Guinness World Record was set by Garrett McNamara back in 2011, with a wave of 23.7 meters. To put that height into perspective they are surfing waves roughly the height of a ten story building.

As Koxa accepted the award from the Guinness World Book of Record, he described surfing the mammoth wave as the "the best day of my life." The successful ride on the giant wave also secured Koxa the Quiksilver XXL Biggest Wave Award.

The award gives $25,000 in prize money to one brave surfer who catches the biggest wave of the year by any means either by paddling or being towed in on a jet ski. Watch this video to see a tiny Koxa dwarfed by a wall of water behind him.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that big wave surfing is a dangerous sport. At the same location last year, British surfer Andrew Cotton broke his back after being wiped out by a huge wave. Talking from the hospital he said: "I'm feeling good, obviously I'm in pain, but I'm feeling positive, and I'm looking forward to rehab and getting back out there really."