This Sword Launcher Can Pierce Heavy Chainmail

An eccentric inventor showcases a unique sword launching device on his YouTube channel.

YouTube is where crazy people go to show off to other crazy people, and at Interesting Engineering, we love seeing crazy ideas get showcased for millions to see.

The latest video from Joerg Sprave may just be the proof of that. The amateur inventor and all-round enthusiast of launchers has built a sword slingshot. Yes, he combined two deadly weapons into one fantastic display of imminent disaster.

The whole adventure was inspired because another YouTuber, Thegn Thrand, challenged the JoergSprave team to a sword throwing contest of some kind. While Thrand starts the challenge by actual hand throwing a sword, Sprave creates his monstrous contraption to achieve pretty much the same result. The timber slingshot is on the verge of collapsing under the strain of its task but somehow manages to hold on to launch the sword at a frighteningly high speed. Both sword enthusiasts manage to propel their respective swords with enough force to pass it through both chainmail, ballistic gelatin, and a mock Viking shield.

We love that people's time-consuming hobbies can become pure entertainment for us. If you haven't already, spend some time on Oprah's YouTube channel the convivial host will walk you through is very impressive range of launchers. You can indulge in a range of wacky slingshots and crossbows videos. Sprave perfectly details his channel's unique offerings when he says. “Inventions, reviews, stunts and destruction - if that is what you want, you came to the right place for sure!”


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