This Talented Blacksmith Turns Old Batteries into Blades

Blacksmith "shurap" creates knife blades out of old batteries. The incredible beautiful blades are the results of hours of intense heat and pressure.
Jessica Miley

Blacksmith shurap is at it again. This time he demonstrates an alternative method of disposing of old batteries. Turning their metal components into a beautiful blade. While taking apart batteries with your bare hands is definitely not recommended, the result of shurap's hard work is undeniably beautiful. Created from a combination of battery innards and box cutting blades the metal undergoes an incredibly complicated process.

In typical shurap style, the videos offer no explanation on what is going on at each stage. But watching this blacksmith master at work is absolutely mesmerizing. Just the amount of effort, precision and knowledge that it takes to take the raw ingredients into even something resembling a blade is astounding. While shurap is quite adamant he isn’t a knife maker, preferring instead to focus on the production of blades, for this particular blade he breaks his own rule to create a very cool knife handle made from an old Mag torch. The clever design makes use of the screw and empty shaft of the torch to give the blade a handle that is also its carry case. Just screw the blade to the end of the handle when you want to use it, or invert it safely back inside when you need to travel. If you have watched a shurap video and fallen in love with any of his creations they are unfortunately not for sale unless you live in Ukraine.

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