This Tape Lets You Build LEGO Structures on Any Surface

Nimuno Tape is a flexible lego block with an adhesive back. The tape can be cut to fit to enhance any of your creations.
Jessica Miley

Lego bricks are the building blocks of many children’s imagination. The Danish-designed toy lets the imagination of kids and adults run wild using the plastic bricks to create anything from castles to spacecraft. Now you can take your imagination to even crazier places with this Lego sticky tape. Nimuno Loops (now known as MAYKA Toy Block Tape) puts Lego onto tape with an adhesive backing so you can take your creations up the wall and onto the ceiling.

The tape can be cut to different configurations and it doesn’t just work with Lego. This excellent tape even works with Mega Bloks & Kreo. The tape comes in three sizes, original, extra wide and a recently released receiver version that works like the bottom of a block.

The brilliant invention is the brainchild of three designers working out of Chrome Cherry Design Studio (CCDS) in South Africa. The team has created a bunch of other fantastic design products for kids, including the popular Ybike range.

Lego is more popular than ever with children all around the world. Lego has significantly increased the range and depth of the brand in recent years and focused a lot of energy on developing specific subgenres within Lego such as StarWars and LegoElves.

Lego has been around since 1932 but at its core, it hasn’t changed too much. The bricks still work essentially as they did back then. We think this new tape is going to make playing with Lego and other building block toys even more fun. The Nimuno Tape project was overwhelmingly backed on IndieGoGo. You can buy the tape in several places online and in stores. Just head to the Nimuno website to get all the details.