This Team Broke the Guinness World Record by Toppling Over 250,000 Domino Tiles

A group of young domino fans has collaborated on this incredible domino topple installation. The team spent more than 1200 hours creating the record-breaking setup.
Jessica Miley

A group of teenagers calling themselves the Incredible Science Machine Team have broken the Guinness World Records title for the largest circle bomb field which was just one part of an extraordinary live art installation involving 250,000 domino tiles. The all-star domino toppling team was made up of eighteen members from four different countries. Each participant was already a domino toppling fanatic and champion in their own right but as a unit, the Incredible Science Machine is unstoppable.

22-year-old domino-artist Steve Price was the brainchild behind the team, he describes his motivation saying: “I started the Incredible Science Machine to create the first opportunity in North America for domino and chain reaction artists to work together on a large scale project that would introduce domino art to a large live and online audience.” Steve had already experienced some domino fame after competing in the America’s Got Talent TV show. He used this profile to secure the team sponsorship that allowed the young domino artists to achieve their Guinness World Record dream.

Normally domino artistry is a solo endeavor that takes hours of training and practice alone without friends to share in the success and failures. One Incredible Science Machine team member described their historic collaboration saying: “Having the opportunity to meet others with the same niche interest has strengthened all of the builders’ love for chain reaction and domino art. Many of the builders have become great friends in real life first meeting. Everybody now looks forward to the team events because it’s not only an opportunity to advance our passions, but also a chance to spend time and have fun with a lot of really great people.” The machine took more than 1200 hours to construct and is absolutely mindblowing. Take some time out of your day for this 14-minute video that will definitely make you smile.