This Terrifying Glass Bridge Appears to Crack Under Your Feet

A tour guide screamed for his life as the glass pathway he was walking on appeared to crack under his weight.
Jessica Miley

Watching videos of people getting frightened is usually pretty funny. But this video of a Chinese tour guide thinking he is about to plunge 1100 meters to his death is just a little too real for laughs. The poor guy was walking on a glass walkway that clings to the side of part of the East Taihang Mountains. As he walks, the path appears to start to crack under his feet. Giving him, not surprisingly, the fright of a lifetime.

The clever, but mean trick was accomplished by putting a layer of broken glass underneath the solid top path. As people walk on the top layer, the pressure of their weight, makes the two layers compress. The unsuspecting pedestrians can hear glass crunching underneath them and watch as cracks seem to appear under their feet.

The East Taihang district administration who look after the popular tourist attraction has described the broken glass path as an ‘effect’ and installed it under one part of the walk in order to be ‘provocative’. The 266-meter pathway wraps around a sheer cliff, providing unparalleled views to the thousands of tourists that visit each month.

China was recently on holiday to celebrate the mid-Autumn festival. The region saw an influx of happy tourists who were eager to see the startling trick for themselves. Videos of unsuspecting tourists who are completely shocked by the glass effect quickly went viral on Chinese social media. Popular videos show unsuspecting tourists screaming and leaping, while others carefully crawl over the affected area of glass, hoping to spread their weight out. The management for the walk says the glass panels are checked each day and that there is no risk of the glass really cracking under one person's weight.

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