This Tesla Model X Off-Roads Deep in the Mud

Out of Spec Motoring decided to take their Tesla through some obstacles and deep mud and came out "very impressed."
Loukia Papadopoulos

Normally no one would take a Tesla Model X offroading. The vehicle is an expensive electric car.

However, YouTube channel Out of Spec Motoring decided to give it a whirl. They took the pricey car off-roading and even put it through some rough obstacles and deep mud.

They further noted that the Model X had “stock tires on it, the ride height was set to the highest it would go, and slip start was enabled at all times.” In the end, they came out of that experience "very impressed" with the vehicle.

We would highly recommend you don't try this with your own Teslas as even the highest suspension setting is not high enough. But we feel lucky that these crazy folk tried it out and decided to share their experience.