This Timelapse Video by NASA Shows Temperature Increase Over the Last 140 Years

NASA has created a visualisation of the worlds surface temperatures from 1880 until today.
Jessica Miley

Climate change and climate science are huge areas of science with huge amounts of data and information that can be difficult to wade through, particularly when the issue has become so political in many parts of the world. This brilliant video from NASA shows the history of Earth’s surface temperatures since they began to be recorded in 1880 up until today. 

In just 36 seconds you can see the steady increase in temperatures that scientists say are linked with our global use of fossil fuels. The data is gathered from a huge network of 6,300 weather station, bouys, and research station located across the world. The NASA representation is one of three major representations of temperature data, all three closely agree in the data they represent. 

NASA describes how the temperatures are analyzed to create the visual representation, “These raw measurements are analyzed using an algorithm that considers the varied spacing of temperature stations around the globe and urban heating effects that could skew the conclusions. These calculations produce the global average temperature deviations from the baseline period of 1951 to 1980.” 

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