This Tiny Lego Motor Can Lift Over 100 Kilograms

Technic Lego expert creates rig that uses gears to lift unbelievable amount of weight.
Jessica Miley

One very clever Lego fan has created a rig with gears and pulleys that can lift a hefty 102.2 kg. Brick Experiment Channel used only Lego parts and a timber frame to build the rig using a PF Medium Motor with a Gear ratio 15:1 and tackle velocity ratio 8:1. 

The video shows the beautifully engineered setup lifting the equivalent of 102.2 kilograms. After demonstrating the successful build, the video then shows the long development process. 

Time after time the rig fails and is patiently rebuilt. The process is a testament to the dedication by Brick Experiment. 

Based in Finland the channel host describes himself by saying ‘ I do nerdy experiments with Technic Lego bricks’. The channel only started in January but still has a healthy two thousand subscribers. 

If nerdy Technic Lego stuff is your thing, the channel is open to suggestions for future videos. YouTube is stuffed with other amazing builds using Technic Lego. 

The versatility of the tiny bricks is only limited by the engineering and imagination of the builder. Watch amazing videos ranging from speed builds to Lego nerds discussing their favorite illegal build technics. 

While it may seem Lego is less popular with today’s digital savvy children, it is rapidly growing in popularity in China. The Danish toy company recently released a new campaign in China that saw it team up with tech company Tencent to create lots of visual content for online consumption.