This Truck Driver's Reverse Parking Skills Will Blow Your Mind

This truck driver completes a flawless reverse park. The aerial footage is captured by a drone and is accompanied by the driver's endearing step by step commentary.
Jessica Miley

The fear of every learner driver is probably the reverse park. It isn’t easy to park your car into the perfect car spot using only your mirrors. These days many cars have reverse park assist technology that can actually park the car for you. This technology definitely hasn’t made its way to semi-trailers yet. Which makes this video of a truck reverse parking into the narrowest of gaps even more satisfying.

The aerial footage of this perfect truck park was captured by drone and then is accompanied by the voice over from the actual driver talking us through it. The driver provides a great very laid back analysis of his park and offers some tips to other drivers about how to perfect this essential but challenging maneuver. So if you want to try this at home, remember your setup is important. Choose your park carefully and don’t feel pressured to get the job done. Our star driver also suggests not to let ego get in the way and to always be on the safe side and use a pull up to ensure your truck is as straight as possible before completing your final reverse.

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Truck driving is an enormously skilled profession. Being able to spatially think through a reverse park of this magnitude needs both experience and intelligence. On top of these types of parking challenges, truck drivers in the U.S. face enormous dangers at work. In a report issued last year, truck driving was named among the nation's most dangerous jobs. More than 700 drivers were killed at work in the U.S. in 2016 alone.

This Truck Driver's Reverse Parking Skills Will Blow Your Mind 

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