This Ultimate Nerf Gun Can Hold 1200 Rounds

YouTiber Coop772 has created a monster triple Nerf machine that can hold 1200 rounds.
Jessica Miley

Nerf guns have been modified in some pretty cool ways. For instance, the Paris/Berlin engineering group Hackerloop, modified a Nerf gun so that it could be fired by the electric signal from their fellow engineer's upper arm muscles.

But we think we have found the ultimate nerf hack; a monster of a machine that combines three Nemesis blasters to create a gun capable of carrying 1,200 rounds of ammunition and can be fired with a single trigger.

Frank Cooper created a video explaining exactly how he made the unbelievable toy/weapon. Cooper created this monster by removing the back half of two of the blasters and sticking them to the side of the full blaster in the middle.

The center blaster is able to control all three flywheel sets while the normal hoppers of each of the guns have been replaced with a large plastic tub that can handle 1200 rounds before it needs to be refilled. While Cooper admits the gun is a little too unwieldy to use in Nerf battle, its mounted power is undeniable.

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Cooper demonstrates his clever engineering skills to put the whole thing together. He has a bunch of other, equally inspiring videos on his channel, which he describes as ‘all about foam flinging entertainment! Silly skit videos, reviews of products on the market, and everything in between!’

Via: Coop772


This Ultimate Nerf Gun Can Hold 1200 Rounds

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