This Unique Bike Carrying System Helps Mountain Bikers Get to the Summit

Designed by engineer and mountain biker Marvin Kiesel, PeakRider is a bike carrying system that works with your existing bike backpack.
Jessica Miley

If you are a mountain biker you’ll know the pain of having to carry your bike up the hill to experience the joy of the descent. But one company is making this arduous task just that bit easier with its unique bike carrying system. Designed by engineer and mountain biker Marvin Kiesel, the device, called PeakRider, works by mounting onto your existing bike backpack. PeakRider leaves your hands free so you can easily climb up difficult terrain including ladders. PeakRider is a two-part system. The first is a telescopic rod that inserts into your existing mountain biking backpack. The Cone-Strap is attached to the lower frame of your bike at its barycenter by a simple flick of your wrist. Once you have both elements installed you simply lift your bike onto the rod via the Cone-Strap. The bike is now sitting stably on your back.

The design allows your bike to move and swivel in all directions so you can pass through narrow passages and can be used to offset your balance as you climb uphill. The bike doesn’t rub against any part of your body and the weight is mainly carried on the hip strap of your bag. The Peak Rider gives you the feeling of freedom, doing the hobby you love. Snowboarders and skiers have enjoyed easy devices to carry their equipment for years and now the mountain bikers can enjoy the same ease. You can pre-order the PeakRider now on Kickstarter.