This Unique Bike Has Strings Instead of a Greasy Chain

This bike uses strings instead of a traditional bike chain. StringBikes have totally reinvented the way bikes are powered.
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Goodbye greasy bicycle chain and hello strings! This new bike has ditched the traditional bike chain. The unusual design uses string on both sides of the wheel to equally distribute power.

The bike uses a totally new system to power the bike forward. The company claims the strings “are transferring the leg power to the rear wheel on a silky, smooth way, while filtering all vibrancy. The pedaling experience is improved by the symmetrically balanced drive system.”

The bikes are startling when in action for both their unusual look, but they are also totally silent, there is no clatter and clank associated with traditional metal chained bikes. The stringdrive system can accommodate 19 different non-overlapping transmission ratios within an integrated gearbox. The gears are selected on a dial on the bike's handlebars and they are changed by moving the rope wheels up and down. The bike's gears can be changed even under heavy load, and unlike most bikes, the gears can be changed from any position. You can change gears while at high speeds, or even while stationary with no risk of the chain falling off. The strings can be replaced or changed without any tools and they can even be machine washed if they get dirty.

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The string system means unlike a regular bike, the wheels of the bike can be easily removed and reinstalled without the worry of having to battle with a greasy bike chain. The StringBike company has produced four models with the steering gear system. You can buy a full carbon high-performance road bike, the city aluminum cruiser or for the very urban, the bike even comes in a single speed version. The single speed version, called the S-line, has had its gear shifter removed but its gears can still be manually changed.

Via: StringBike

This Unique Bike Has Strings Instead of a Greasy Chain

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