This US LEGO Headquarters Tour is Every Fan’s Dream

The father-son duo from What’s Inside went on an exploration of what’s inside the fun and imaginative LEGO headquarters.
Shelby Rogers

Imagine a place where your wildest LEGO dreams can come to life. The father and son duo Dan and Lincoln Markham from the What’s Inside YouTube channel went on a tour to see what’s inside the corporate building of one of the most popular toys in history.

The pair went to the Enfield Hub in Connecticut to explore the US Headquarters for LEGO. The true headquarters of the building blocks company is in Billund, Denmark. According to the YouTubers, it's on their dream list to explore. There are also a handful of other locations in Singapore, London, Shanghai, Monterrey, and the Czech Republic. 

The US base of the company mixes fun and fanciful with the practical elements of any traditional office space. 

"It's still an office area," explained Dan. "It's not exactly LEGO Land, but it's still really cool."

For any history fans of LEGO toys and the company, there's a massive exhibit explaining how LEGO started and its company milestones.

They also have completed builds of some of the company's most popular toys, including the biggest set anyone can buy in stores: the Millennium Falcon. That set currently retails for $800 and includes over 7,500 pieces.

But the dream part of the tour is the model shop. Dan and Lincoln were surrounded by life-sized models of LEGO figures like Chewbacca, Jack Sparrow, and other pop culture figures -- entirely made from LEGO pieces. Master builders from around the United States contributed to that location's impressive displays and creations.