This Vending Machine Can Make You a Fresh Salad in Under a Minute

Sally the Salad Robot from Chowbotics can create a seven ingredient salad in less than a minute.
Jessica Miley

Vending machines are most generally associated with getting a junk food fix on the run. If you haven’t got time to eat or are stuck in transit, a chocolate bar from a vending machine can be lifesaving. But what about a vending machine that could make you a salad?

Chowbotics have developed exactly that. This incredible vending machine is packed full of fresh ingredients which are then turned into crisp, fresh salads made to your order. The vending machine dubbed Sally the Salad Robot lets you pick from a range of salad options, and displays the nutritional information for each salad before you purchase. The salads range from “Power Chow:” a mix of kale, red cabbage, and walnuts to the “chicken bot” salad that is made up of cucumbers, peppers, and chicken. The machine is designed to go into co-working spaces or startup style offices where hard working folks need a nutritional fix fast.

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Unfortunately, the robot doesn't do any of the chopping or prep for the salads, meaning someone still has to dice all the raw ingredients before putting them inside Sally. So while the appeal of a fast salad is commendable, the whole system seems to have some flaws. Disappointingly, Sally can’t handle avocado due to the delicious ingredient's soft texture. Sally the Salad Robot is the first food robot from Chowbotics. The Silicon Valley-based company plan on creating more food-based robots and are looking to turn Sally into a smaller domestic version too.

Via: Chowbotics

This Vending Machine Can Make You a Fresh Salad in Under a Minute

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