This Video Explains the Performance Enhancing Trick of Porsche Engines

Porsche has a trick up its sleeve that allows their vehicles to perform better that the average car.

Almost everyone can agree that Porsche vehicles are impressive feats in engineering, not to mention their sleek design puts them in everyone’s top ten list.

However, have you ever considered what components of the Porsche vehicle make it so powerful? Engineering Explained has got you covered. 

Porsche has mastered and perfected intake manifold. What are intake manifolds? In short, they are a crucial component of the internal combustion engine. They are responsible for the even distribution of the air/fuel that is sent to each cylinder.

Though the design of the intake manifold is standard across most vehicles, Porsche does something different to enhance their vehicle’s performance.

Car companies try to tweak intake manifolds by increasing the pressure of the air entering the engine. This allows vehicles to maximize horsepower at a specific RPM.  

As broken down by Engineering Explained, instead of increasing air pressure in the engine, Porsche tries to “expand air” in the engine, which in turns leads to the great performance that the cars are known for across the globe.

Be sure to watch the video above. Maybe this is just another great reason to get a Porsche or at the very least ask Santa for one this Christmas.   

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