This Video Explains Why Pilots Hate Georgetown Airport Using a Simulation

YouTuber Swiss001 uses a flight simulator to see why the airport receives so much hate from pilots.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Did you know that some airports are hated? YouTuber Swiss001 had been stumbling upon a lot of articles that stated that Georgetown Municipal Airport in California was one of the most hated by pilots.

He decided to test this hypothesis himself, to see whether the airport was a tricky one by using a flight simulation. Before even beginning, Swiss001 shared that the airport was meant for smaller planes, which could explain why larger ones would struggle.

He began by simulating a flight with a search plane. The plane needed quite a long runway because it is not that powerful, but it still managed to take off safely.

Next, the YouTuber tried the Twin Otter, a bigger plane than the search plane. While flying the Twin Otter, Swiss001 comes to notice that there are many trees around the airport that a plane can easily crash into while trying to land. But that's not the only setback of this airport.

The YouTuber starts to notice more and more issues with the Georgetown Municipal Airport, especially as he flies even bigger planes. We won't tell you what those issues are. You have to watch the video for that. We will only tell you that you will come to understand why this airport may be one of the most hated ones, after all.

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