This Video Explores When the COVID-19 Pandemic Will End

The Infographics Show discusses science writer Ed Yong's theories on the matter and more.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If there is one question that has been on the mind and lips of everyone as of late, it is: when will this pandemic end? With 2,258,926 total confirmed cases and 154,686 deaths as of this date, the question is a valid one. One YouTuber tries to answer this question.

"The entire world is on lockdown, and with everyone quarantined inside their homes, the main question on everyone's mind is, "When will this nightmare be over?" We wish we had a definitive answer for you, but the global pandemic is an extremely complicated situation. With the death toll of the coronavirus rising, we looked to the experts to try and predict when the world can start to go back to normal," writes The Infographics Show on his video's description.

The video discusses predictive models and shares the theories of science writer Ed Yong, who wrote an article over two years ago explaining why a global pandemic was unavoidable.

Yong introduced three potential ways that the pandemic can come to an end: the unlikely way, the dangerous way, and the long way. What are each of these ways, and how probable are they to turn out to be true? You have to watch the video for that answer.

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