This Video Explores When We Might Finally Walk on Mars

YouTuber Because Science explores NASA's current plans for the Red Planet.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Walking on Mars! It's Elon Musk's dream, as well as for many others. But is it just a dream or a real possibility, as Musk would have us believe.

YouTuber Kyle Hill of Because Science explores NASA's current plans for the Red Planet and then draws his own conclusions. He begins by reminding us that Mars has a current population of seven robots, reminding us that we have reached the planet already.

"If anyone is going to get us to Mars safely and reliably, it's going to be NASA," says the YouTuber. " They even have a plan called Journey to Mars, and it's already begun."

Indeed, we received the first digital images of Mars all the way back in July 1965 when the Mariner 4 made its first successful flyby of the planet. 47 years and 30 missions later, the Curiosity rover landed on Mars on August 6, 2012.

Curiosity is still active on Mars, indicating we have come a long way, but are we far enough to put people on Mars any time soon? We won't answer that question for you. Hill does a much better job of that. We will tell you the answer is an interesting one.

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