This Video From Engineering Explained Tells You The 5 Signs You Shouldn’t Buy A Used Car

Buying a used car is intimidating, this guide will help make the process easier.
Jessica Miley

Buying a car is a really big investment and it's a big risk too if you are in the market for one that is secondhand.

We’ve all seen the stereotypes of a used car salesperson.

So how can you best prepared before you get out there on sale day?

This in-depth video from Engineering Explained tells you the 5 signs you shouldn’t buy a used car.

Knowing a car's history can be really difficult but this information can be critical to check if you are getting a good deal.

The video is aimed at the average car shopper without a massive amount of car knowledge.

First up is the car's exhaust. Start the car and look for smoke coming from its exhaust. If its white, the car might have coolant in the wrong place. This is a bad sign and better to avoid.

Blueish smoke means oil is in the combustion chamber and could mean a range of things - none of which is good!

Number two sign is fluid leaks. Often a car's engine is cleaned before it goes up for sale, so the channel's hosts recommend going on a long test drive, then examining the engine bay for signs of possible leaks.

Sign 3 is cloudy oil. Have a look at the oil and check its nice and black and shiny and doesn’t look like coffee and cream which would indicate coolant is somehow leaking inside.

Sign 4 is excessive rust. Have look over the body of the car to check for signs of rust and wear. Some rust is ok, especially around the exhaust. But rust on the car's frame or suspension is best to avoid

Finally, the last sign is OBD II codes. Either take your car to an auto shop or buy a portable adapter to scan the car's engine for codes, that may indicate it has had some recent trouble.

This video is just a guide, and it's always best to take your potential purchase to a mechanic for a full review before laying down your hard earned dollars.

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