This Video From Inside a Guitar Shows How Strings Move and It's Beautiful

Musician Alan Gogoll installed a camera inside his guitar to capture the movement of the strings. The result is a mesmerizing video of guitar strings tuning into waves.

Alan Gogoll has given us a really unusual and surprisingly entertaining new view of guitar music. By placing a camera inside the guitar with the lens facing out of the guitar hole, Gogoll has given us the chance to understand exactly what happens to guitar strings when we pluck them. The results are mesmerizing. While Gogoll plays some very soothing tunes, you can watch as each string transforms into a temporary wavy line. The talented musician had been making the videos and releasing each one individually on Instagram, but he has now made a very beautiful compilation of all the videos for us to enjoy. As each string is plucked it goes from its solid still self to a wave. When viewed as part of the song the changing waves add a new dimension to the way you are hearing the music.

Having the camera inside the guitar doesn’t seem to have distorted the clear sound of the guitar at all. Gogoll has chosen open landscape as the backdrops to each short tune that provide an almost watercolour painting feel to the videos.

Gogoll was born in Hobart, Tasmania and is internationally recognized as a fingerstyle guitarist. He has a huge social media following who are drawn to his uplifting compositions that are known for their Bell Harmonics technique and signature guitar tunings.

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