This Video Game Allows You to Drive Around the Real World Copy of Chernobyl

Isotopium Chernobyl allows players to explore a real-world scaled-down model of the Chernobyl wasteland. Here's a sneak peek of Draegest's video.
Donovan Alexander

You may not be able to go explore the desolate and mysterious area that is Chernobyl, however, the real world video game Isotopium: Chernobyl gives people the ability to explore the apocalyptic area.

As seen in YouTuber Draegast’s video, the new online game concept allows the player to explore a real-world 210-square-meter copy of the city of Chernobyl with genuine remote-controlled tracked 12-inch robots. Players can access these robots from anywhere in the world with almost no latency, creating one of the most unique gaming experiences on the market.

In the video game, you remotely drive around an RC tank looking for isotopes while you explore the wastelands. Though still in its early stages, the Kickstarter campaign is available for play, allowing curious gamers to play for ten minutes at a time while, if shared on social media, gamers can play for twenty minutes.

According to the Isotopium Chernobyl team, the game story centers around “scientists who have devised a number of alternative ways of obtaining energy. One of these involves transforming isotope radiation into special energy.

“This energy is the most expensive resource on Earth. All over the planet, containers have been installed at places with high levels of radioactive radiation to collect the energy. The biggest extraction zone on the planet is Chernobyl.”

Be sure to check out the gameplay footage above and visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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