This Video Gets to the Bottom of the Mysterious Freight Train Crossing a Highway

YouTube video creator Mr. Wonder gets to the bottom of this mysterious clip.
Jessica Miley

Mr. Wonder, an Australian YouTube video creator has finally solved the mystery of an enormous freight train crossing a seven-lane highway. The original video, that prompted the research shows a huge train emerging from the side of a highway without warning, crossing the seven-lanes while the cars patiently stop and wait.

There appear to be no warning signals or boom gates to alert drivers. This fascinating footage piqued Mr. Wonder's interest who says he spent two days trying to get verification for the video.

Eventually, he found some similar footage and using Google Earth confirmed the location of the tracks is in Baku in Eastern Azerbaijan. Mr. Wonder explains that according to his research, the train tracks have now been removed and the area significantly changed.

The Australian presenter is mystified as to how the highway and train can co-exist, particularly when the clearer footage clearly shows just how cleverly hidden the tracks are on the highway.

Mr. Wonder describes what he does, saying: “ I post new videos all the time, about unique & interesting topics, that will make you wonder what else you don't know. Every video topic has been chosen specifically because it interested me, not because it is a viral/popular topic, but more to do with because I wanted to cover the topic from my point of view with my own research.”