This Video Offers a Solution to Global Housing Crisis From an Engineering Perspective

The global housing crisis affects almost every major city. Real Engineering host Brian McManus attempts to offer some solutions using basic engineering principles.
Jessica Miley

YouTube channel Real Engineering attempts to take on the global problem of affordable housing by creating a video that proposes some ideas on how to build houses that are cost-efficient and affordable using good engineering. 

While big cities like New York, Hong Kong, and Paris are all known for their exorbitant house prices, smaller cities are suffering as well. Ireland's capital, Dublin has had a boom in growth over the last decade after big companies such as PayPal and Facebook set up large offices there. 

This growth has put enormous pressure on the housing market. The video explains that the housing prices have risen by 50% in five years. 

Real Engineering's host, Brian McManus, is based in Ireland and uses Dublin as an example of the predicament of the housing crisis. McManus explains that there are many factors involved in why Dublin is suffering so much. 

Many people blame a lack of supply of new housing, while others point towards an increase in AirBnB’s. But what is clear is that 25,000 new units are needed every year to meet the housing demand. 

According to Mcmanus, Ireland's government has not responded to the crisis in any meaningful way and many young Irish people are faced with being forced to leave the capital in search of affordable accommodation.