This Video Perfectly Sums up Life's Little Annoyances

Sometimes tiny occurrences annoy us intensely, this video makes a beautiful animated showreel of some of the most painful ones.
Jessica Miley

If none of the things depicted in this crushing video from 4096RED have ever happened to you, you are either Elon Musk or you haven’t left your bed for the last twenty years. Life is Pain perfectly encapsulates the tiny but oh-so-frustrating experiences of everyday life. 

The short video opens with an animation of a cork being pulled from a bottle. Everything is going well when for no apparent reason the cork breaks in two. 

Next up wooden chopsticks split not as they intended. if your blood isn't boiling enough yet - watch on! 

The list goes on to include the impossible USB plug and the always wrong rotation image on an iPhone. The beautiful animation shows all of these life's little annoyances in brilliant detail with a slick soundtrack to match. 

Life is Pain falls loosely into a category of video that has become hugely popular on YouTube.  These videos show objects or actions that are either perfect or annoyingly just not quite right. 

Think someone cutting a super straight line then at the last minute making an intentional mistake. For some reason, these videos play into a deep-seated part of our psyche for pain. 

There isn’t much information to about 4096RED on their YouTube page but for someone with this level of animation skills, there is no doubt they are making other brilliant work elsewhere.