This Video Shows a Tesla Model 3 Stopping Itself to Avoid an Accident

The video has resurfaced just as Tesla's claim that car crashes dropped 40% with autopilot is being contested.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Whenever anyone thinks of Tesla's autopilot the news of the times it failed come to mind. However, there are also many times the software greatly succeeded.

So much so, that we already compiled a list of those times. Now a video from November 2018 has resurfaced of the software succeeding at avoiding an accident once again.

Uploaded to YouTube with just the caption "IdiotRunsRed", the video shows autopilot step in to avoid a last-minute collision. As the caption would have it, someone appears to have run a red light and suddenly popped up in front of the Model 3.

This is when autopilot hits the breaks and successfully avoids the intruder. The video is resurfacing just as electrek is revealing that Tesla's autopilot crash rate drop claim, made two years ago, is now being contested by a new report.

In January of 2017, NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation released a report that indicated Tesla's crash rate dropped by 40% due to autopilot. Now, the Quality Control Systems Corp (QCS) is contesting that claim. However, Tesla has already released a statement defending it. 

You can read more about the claims through the electrek story or you can watch this video and see autopilot in action yourself. The choice is yours but we think the car video is more fun!

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