This Video Shows How to Hypnotize a Chicken with Just a Line in the Dirt

All you need is a rooster, some dirt, your finger, and you have one very tame animal.

This fun and the instructional short video will open up your mind to the world of hypnotism. But not just any kind of hypnosis - that of chickens. 

It's quite exceptional and still generally unknown as to how chickens are so easily put into a state of 'tonic mobility'. This term is more on the ball in this instance, as during hypnosis a person or animal can still move or answer orders or questions without remembering being told to do so. 

Whereas 'tonic mobility,' as we see in this video, is the state of induced temporary paralysis in which animals get into in order to trick predators into thinking they're dead.

Quite a nifty survival instinct!

It turns out, we can induce this in chickens. All you need to do, according to the clip, is hold a chicken down to the ground, keeping its beak gently lowered to the dirt, either draw a line on the ground with chalk or use your finger or a stick to draw a straight line that starts directly at the point of the chicken's beak, out into the distance. 

You'll be mesmerized by what happens next. The chicken goes completely still, its beak remaining lowered at the start of the line, and even once you let it go, it remains completely limp and quiet, staring in absolute resoluteness to the line. 

What happens when you erase the line? You're in for a fun shock if you watch the video until the end to find out.

Main Image Source: Leonsbox/iStock

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