This Video Shows How to Turn an Angle Grinder Into an Extreme Wood Chipper Step by Step

Watch as the Make it Extreme team make a wood chipper using an angle grinder and a chainsaw blade. The finished device can chip branches in seconds.
Jessica Miley

Wood chippers are super useful for turning otherwise useless timber and lumber into chips for use in the garden, for pets, or to soak oil spillages in workspaces. They are also super dangerous, as they are basically a box full of vicious high-speed blades. So if you are going to use a wood chipper, it's best to know it is safe, and don’t ever let your digits too close. However, if you are the team behind the Make it Extreme YouTube channel, you want to get up close and personal with a totally wild wood chipper created as an angle grinder hack.

The video shows the build of the extreme wood chipper from idea to finished product. These guys have a great working space and the video shows off their very high milling and fabricating skills. The finished wood chipper is brutal, turning a bunch of leftover shrubbery into chips in seconds. This is not exactly a try-at-home video due to the really high level of craftsmanship and quality tools needed, but it's definitely worth a watch.

The Make it Extreme team have put together a host of excellent videos that show them making everything from an extremely heavy fidget spinner to Go Go Gadget shoes. This particular video is from a series called “Angle Grinder Hacks”. The series see the guys create new tools from angle grinders. Our favorites are the angle grinder to belt sander and angle grinder to chainsaw!