This Video Shows You How to Access Tesla's Hidden Video Games

Tesla added Atari games in the version 9 software update and these YouTubers tell you how you can play them. You may never leave your car again.

It is no secret that we love the What's Inside?Family. This father-son YouTuber duo has brought us many entertaining, educational and even inspiring videos that always leave us wondering what the next installment will hold.

Well in this session, the hosts show us the super cool super fun Atari video games that Tesla programmed in their latest update. To be specific, this is the Version 9 Software Update.

We kinda knew this was coming as Tesla CEO Elon Musk had discussed it on Twitter, but we definitely did not know how to access them. Little hint it is through the Center Console.

After finding the games, the YouTubers proceed to play them leaving us more than a little jealous. However, lucky Tesla owners can now join in on the fun themselves after watching these instructions.

We also have to give the dad props for explaining that when he was young Atari was the Nintendo of his days and further props to Musk for bringing back these classics. This video is bound to make some of you nostalgic.

Now for both Tesla and What's Inside? Family fans, remember to check out the YouTubers' clips on what is inside a Tesla tire and a battery. That is of course if you are not too busy playing Atari's Tesla games!



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