This Video Shows You How to Hand Forge Your Own Damascus Steel Tool

The secrets of the manufacturing of the metal known for making the pre-industrial era's sturdiest weapons are shared with the world in this clip.

Damascus steel is one of the pre-industrial era's most famous metals particularly used for weapons. Its manufacture required a secret carburization process which saw wrought iron brought to red heat in contact with various carbonaceous materials.

This resulted in an iron-carbon alloy characterized by exceptional hardness and by an appearance that showed watered streaked complex patterns. These patterns were used as a guide to judge the quality of the steel.

In this impressive do-it-yourself (DIY) project, YouTuber Black Beard Projects hand forges his very own Damascus steel tool and the process, like you would expect, is mesmerizing.

"This project started out very easily preparing the billet, but as soon as I started hammering on it I realized it was going to be a real challenge. Tool steel is very hard to move!" says the video's description.

The host goes through several steps to achieve his final outcome but the resulting knife-like tool is impressive to look at and probably works like a charm. However, his project was not without obstacles.

"While forging I was able to spot a crack in one side and some cold spots on the top and bottom of the steel. To get rid of both I ended up grinding a lot of material away and that's made the final product much shorter and thinner than I anticipated. I even had to leave a hairline fracture on the spine because the material was getting too small," added the description.

All is well that ends well though and this DIY YouTuber proudly showcased his final Damascus steel project!


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