This Video Shows You How to Make An Amazing Perpetual Calendar at Home

This clever perpetual calendar design can be made at home with simple craft skills, and it takes a very short time.
Jessica Miley

A perpetual or endless calendar is a device designed to show the date, month and year in a way that can be reused for many years.

This great video from The Q, shows you how to make your own calendar at home.

You’ll need timber, perspex, glue and some other commonly found materials as well as some basic woodworking skills to get a good finish. All the information regarding materials and measurements are in the video, and none of the equipment required is too far out of the realm of a keen home DIYer.

The calendar uses a clever method of three separate boxes, one each for the day, month and year to display the current date information. Inside each box are painted timber blocks that show their relevant information such as the date, month or day of the week.  When the box is flipped upside down, the next sequential day, month or year slides into place so that the right information is always there.

Once you have built your calendar, simply set the boxes up with the correct information and then from then on simply flip each box to change the date, month or year when appropriate. This project would make a great gift for someone that is always asking about the date but don’t forget to remind them they need to flip the boxes or they’ll be perpetually in the past.

The Q makes science videos on a range of topics from how-to videos like this calendar project to doing wacky things with Coca Cola. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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