This video speculates that beavers might be fish

Could we all be fish?
Loukia Papadopoulos

In the 1700s, a Canadian bishop asked the church if it was ok to eat beaver during lent, a period of time when Catholics abstain from eating meat. He argued that since beavers spend so much time in water they could be considered fish, and the church agreed.

Poor little beavers. This story was shared by YouTuber show SciShow, which further asked the question: can we all be considered fish or are there no fish at all?

It all comes down to how scientists have been grouping animals. This is useful when trying to analyze nature but is not quite so simple in real life.

Grouping species into fish, reptiles and birds allows us to talk about animals in general but is it correct? That’s the question that this video aims to ask.

What are the criteria for each animal group? Do these sometimes overlap? How can we be certain that animals actually belong to the group they are assigned to? If beavers can be fish does that mean humans also can? Are we in the end all fish?

These questions might seem silly, but they are important ones if we plan on analyzing animals more precisely.

Watch this video to find out more.