This Video Teaches You How to Make a DIY Sandblaster for Less Than $6

Creative YouTuber Adam Fleisch shows us how to make an impressive sandblaster on the cheap.
Jessica Miley

Tools can be expensive so we love it when enterprising DIY enthusiasts find ways to create tools on the cheap. Watch this featured video to learn how to create a sandblaster for less than $6.

While cheap tool inventor, Adam Fleisch's sandblaster won’t win any prizes for aesthetics it's surprisingly effective. All you’ll need to start sandblasting your life apart is an air blower, an empty bottle and some broken glass and of course an air compressor. Start your project by getting your hands on an airgun. Fleisch picked one up for about $4. He shows you how to firmly attach it to the right air compression valve using Teflon tape and a $0.77 USB connector. Once all the fittings are secured, you can move onto creating your blasting receptacle. In this case an old soda bottle. Remove the inner ring and drill a hole through the top of the bottle. Then slide the air blower nozzle through snugly. Now simply fill your soda bottle with whatever blasting material you'd like. 

In this case, Fleisch uses crushed glass. But depending on the job you may use sand, or for more fragile work walnut shells could be an option. Now all that is left to do is connect the air compressor and start blasting! In the video, Fleisch blasts paint and rust off an old bolt with incredible speed. We don’t exactly condone the blasting of the glass straight into his workspace, but there is no denying this is an awesome addition to your tool library!

Via: adam fleisch

This Video Teaches You How to Make a DIY Sandblaster for Less Than $6

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