This Video Tells You Where on Earth You Weigh the Most

YouTuber Joe Hanson explains why a kilogram of feather on the north pole weighs more than a kilogram of steel on the equator.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We tend to think that mass and weight as the same, but they are different. And for better or for worse mass is constant because it is a measure of how much stuff there is. But weight is not.

Weight is the force gravity applies to all that stuff. As such, depending on the gravity of where you are, weight will be different. 

Most of the time this difference does not matter except in the north pole. In fact, a kilogram of feather on the north pole weighs more than a kilogram of steel on the equator.

Crazy eh? If you want to know the physics of why this happen, you have to watch the video

The clip is from It's Okay To Be Smart and follows the usual informative easy-to-understand direct style.

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