This Video Will Change the Way You Split Logs Forever

Here are two awesome life hacks from the Crazy Russian Hacker to help you split logs faster and more easily.
Jessica Miley

Winter is coming! And for many people that means preparing wood to heat your home. For a lot of people who use wood-fuelled heating systems, preparing for winter can mean, hours weeks or even months of work, splitting logs into manageable pieces to be stacked and eventually transported inside. Splitting wood is not only dangerous it is backbreaking and time-consuming. Our favourite crazy Russian has a really great life hack that will change the way you split logs forever.

In his latest video, The Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how using an old car tyre will save you time and your back muscles when faced with splitting a pile of logs. Simply get an old car tyre, slightly elevate it off the ground by propping some extra wood underneath it, then load the tyre with small logs. He can snugly fit four logs into his tyre. Once the logs are vertical inside your tyre, simply hit each log with your very sharp axe one or two times and your logs will become manageable pieces of wood ready to be burnt. The tyre stops them from flying away under your axe's impact. From here it's just one more task to move them from the tyre to your wood pile rather than repeating the same action after each log. If you are faced with really big logs or want to turn your log splitting productivity up to 11, he also demonstrates a second way to efficiently split logs. This time, he ties three large logs together with a bungee cord then goes in for the chop. The cord acts much like the tyre, keeping the logs together to minimize your efforts.