This Video Will Take You Into the Secret World of Software Engineers

This video is an ode to web developers and their in-office quirks.
Shelby Rogers

Ah, the mysterious software engineer. Over 18.2 million people identify as software developers worldwide, and it's expected to go over 26.4 million by 2019

But what exactly do these creatures do? Who are the creatures lurking behind the web pages you frequent regularly? And do they really hiss when exposed to sunlight and retreat back behind their computer screens?

In this parody wildlife documentary, we take a look at one of the weirdest and most eclectic groups in any office -- the software development team. From the cliche developer and his ironic conference t-shirt to the coffee-obsessed hipster developer, this video gives outsiders a glimpse into the true heart of web development. (Well, it gives us a glimpse into the true stereotypes of web dev.)

It's important to note that no web developers, software engineers, or cat gifs were harmed in the making of this video. 

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And to the web developers unable to chuckle at this video because a project has sucked the humor from their days, it's okay. Your profession helped shape Silicon Valley and most of the western world's biggest companies. You get the last laugh. 

This Video Will Take You Into the Secret World of Software Engineers

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