This Video Will Take You Through the Steps of How to Machine a Swiss Cube

A Swiss Cube is a highly intricate object created through precision machining. It's often used as a training tool for budding machinists.
Jessica Miley

If you aren’t a machinist you might not have ever laid eyes on a Swiss Cube before - and before you start thinking of sandwich toppings - this isn’t cheese. But rather its an intricate piece of steel machine that is often used as a training test for budding machinists.

The highly precise process takes a solid piece of steel and transforms it into a very light and fragile work of art. The machinist must use both highly accurate measurements and a combination of force and gentleness to achieve the spectacular result. In this video from Brian Trapp you are walked through the production process in the Crown Point High School machine shop.

The young students are given the task as part of their final assessment in their machining course. The task has reportedly been used at the school as a test of skill for over twenty years. The aspiring machinists must use a variety of machinery to complete the task including grinders, drills, and borers. The art of machining is arguably dying as robotic manufacturing increases, but this video goes to show how skilled these often hidden professionals are. If this process strikes a chord with you there are a plethora of channels dedicated to honoring the art of machine.