This Vine-Inspired Design Proves Imagination is the Only Limit When It Comes to Prosthetic Limbs

Check out this unique looking prosthetic vine come to life in this video by National Museum of Scotland.
Donovan Alexander

Prosthetic limbs have come a long way over the past decade. Not only has the technology evolved dramatically, so has the design and aesthetic. No better example of this can be seen in the Alternative Limb Project.

Founded by Sophie Oliveira Barata, the Alternative Limb Project uses the medium of prosthetics to create some of the most unique and stylized looking art pieces you have ever seen. 

As seen in the National Museum of Scotland’s video above, prosthetics can take on many different forms and shapes.  

As stated by the Alternative Limb Project team, “Sophie enlists various specialists in fields such as 3D modeling, electronics, and cutting-edge technology to create each piece of art. Clients have included Paralympic athletes, music performers, models, and video game companies.”

Like something out of Batman the animated series, the “Poison-ivy” inspired shoot showcases a prosthetic that resembles a sentient vine. Even more impressive is the fact that the arm is fully functional and it is not just for looks.

The arm was designed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata in collaboration with mechanical engineer Dani Clode and electronic engineer Hugo Elias. The project was 3D modeled by artist and designer Jason Taylor.

The aim of this limb specifically was to advocate for the idea of body confidence, a theme that runs to the core of the Alternative Limb Project.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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