This Vinyl Record Attached to A Dyson Motor Spins So Fast It Shatters

The Slow Mo Guys are at it again this time destroying vinyl records.
Jessica Miley

Just when you think the Slow Mo Guys have done everything they can with slow motion, they create another wacky video. Like this one where they spin a vinyl record at such a high speed, it literally breaks apart. 

And of course, they capture the whole thing on film and can play it back in stunning slow motion. The two hosts use the motor out of a Dyson vacuum cleaner to spin the record into oblivion cleverly attaching a device called a variac to adjust the voltage output so they can wind up the engine slowly. 

The slow-motion footage of the record breaking apart is incredible. The way it shatters comically before smashing into the protection around it almost looks like CGI.

The team do several attempts at the spinning and breaking before painting the record into four different color quadrant to give another way to understand the exact pattern the record makes as it breaks apart. 

What is surprising is how damaging the pieces of vinyl are when they break off the record. A piece of board placed above the spinning record suffers deep gouges made from the slices of vinyl flying off. 

Luckily they had created a shield around the record or else sharp pieces of vinyl shrapnel were likely to have gone flying over into the neighboring yard. As the two lads that run the channel were quick to point out the experiment was likely to have been a record-breaking record breaking.