This Warehouse Driver Performs the Coin in a Bottle Trick Using a Forklift

Watch as this guy expertly uses a forklift to pick up a coin and neatly deposit it into a bottle of water.
Jessica Miley

This forklift driver is very pleased to show off some skills he developed on the job. No its not picking up heavy things and moving them around, this enterprising fellow has worked out how to pick up a coin with a forklift blade and drop it into a plastic bottle. Doesn’t exactly sounds impressive, but when you see the size of the machine and the size of the coin we think you'll change your mind. It seems apparent this forklift driver has a fair amount of spare time on his hands at work and he has used every minute to learn this trick.

Working as a forklift driver is much harder than most people initially assume. The steering of the forklift can be a challenge as many of the trucks steer from the rear axle and pivot on the front wheels, the rear end of the forklift swings wide when turning. This can cause many novice drivers to crash or cause accidents with the rear of the forklift. The other problem area is drivers underestimating how long the blades are. It's a common early mistake of drivers to hit objects with the blades as they turn sharply.

If you think you have what it takes to become a driver, there are plenty of training videos on YouTube to get you started before you start the first day of work. But also there is plenty of material to inspire you not to even try.