This Woman Turned Three 20 Feet Shipping Containers into a Comfy and Cozy Home

From the inside, you could never tell the place is made from shipping boxes.
Loukia Papadopoulos

What do you do with old shipping containers? If your guess was to throw them away, guess again. If you watch this video, you will never think of shipping containers the same way.

A woman from New Zealand called Brenda used the giant boxes to build herself a comfy and cozy home with an amazing view. The construction began when Brenda decided to move away from the city to a town with beautiful scenery.

She decided to build her own home on the land she found and did so using three 20 feet containers. From the outside, the home does show that it was indeed made using shipping containers

But when you go inside you can not tell at all. The house has an aesthetically pleasing look that would give the nicest of regular homes a run for their money. Perhaps even better is that Brenda has a view of the town's lake from almost every room in the house.

We have to admit the house has got us feeling home envy and we dare you not to feel the same after watching the video. Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Then take a look at the video to get a complete tour of the impressive home.

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