This Youtuber Creates a Working Guillotine Made of Chocolate

Kiwami Japan creates a guillotine with just a few tools and some delicious chocolate

If you were going to learn anything from the Youtuber Kiwami Japan, it is that you can sculpt chocolate into just about any shape. Originally making one of the sweetest and sharpest chocolate knives that you have ever seen, Kiwami decided to up his game and create a guillotine made completely of chocolate. 

The hypnotic video captures a step by step process of the project in the usual Kiwami Japan fashion. The almost meditative video breaks down the tools and process needed to create his chocolate death device, all set to the soundtrack of ASMR sounds coming from the work on the project. 

With relatively simple tools and a little creativity, Kiwami Japan creates a guillotine that functions so well, that the French would be proud, eventually testing the blade of the guillotine on an unsuspecting cucumber. Though the blade did not cut through the first time, in the end, the blade was sharp enough to slide through the cucumber with ease. 

A master of taking ordinary materials and turning them into dangerous objects, the Youtuber has created knives out of seaweed, pearl oysters, and even smoke. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel for more hypnotizing creative projects. What would you create out of chocolate? 

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